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We have decades of experience and have met industry standards in the projects we’ve handled. As we care about giving you an unparalleled repair service, our technicians are regularly trained with our manufacturers to be able to perform every form of repair on every furnace, regardless of the type (oil, gas, electric, hot water), brand or model.

Furnace Inspection Includes:

  • adjust thermostat
  • all safety controls
  • Clean burners and controls
  • adjust pilot assembly
  • Adjust burner for efficiency
  • gas leaks in furnace
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • inducer and main fan
  • filters
  • Check draft venting
  • manifold pressure
  • furnace heat exchanger
  • complete furnace cycle


** In order to maintain its safe and efficient operation, it is recommended that the boiler is serviced annually.

Boiler Inspection Includes:

  • Visual inspection for general signs of corrosion
  • Checking and adjusting the gas/air ratio
  • Flue Gas
  • Water Leak Test in Operation
  • gas leak test in operation
  • Checking Hot Water Temperature and Flow
  • Noisy fan
  • venting systems
  • Maintenance Includes:

    • Draining the boiler and cleaning the inlet water filter
    • Return Filter - leaning the intake air filter
    • Flushing the heat exchanger
    • Replacement of parts